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We started this project 6 months ago with the aim of creating something the NFT community has never seen before.

If you've been following NFTs for a while, you know how repetitive things can get.

Each Vibehead is a unique, handcrafted and individually rendered 1/1 collectible.

More than that – Vibeheads are about building a community of NFT collectors as we enter into the unknowns of the Metaverse.

Total Collectibles: 5555
Chain : Ethereum (ERC-721)
Mint price: 0.08 ETH

Public Sale is Live


Every Vibehead deserves a Story,
here's our version

     It had been years since I had seen an old friend from college and we arranged to meet in an underground club in NYC. Lofi beats were playing as I entered the club with everyone chillin like a villain. Took my seat at a corner table, ordered a beer and stared upon the empty dance floor.

As the server pours the beer, a young twenty-something DJ steps behinds the turntables. I caught a glimpse of his face as the silence filled the gap and I saw his head begin to move as if music was flowing through him.

Slowly, the dance floor started filling and soon it was jam packed. Now the beer hits me and I have to pee, so I cut across the dancefloor and that's when it hit me right in the face. Vibes. I caught vibes from everyone else. It's contagious. I was pulled in and lost myself. In that moment a Vibehead was born.

Vibeheads are in flow, the vibe is in their minds and they let the creativity flow through them. Tapping their feet to the music of life and riding the waves. Catching vibes. Artists, musicians, creators, misfit and rebels. Dancing their way to create. Catching vibes.

What happens when all those vibeheads come together?

Story Contest will happen Post Launch


Roadmap 1.0

Social Creatives

Do you know what's better than just owning a Vibehead? Being able to use it all across the Metaverse.

You will get the coolest creatives for your Vibeheads.

Like what?
- High quality PFP
- Twitter Covers
- Character posters
- Maybe some weird stuff too

The best part is, you will have something creative to post on your socials every month or two.


Gifs Library & AR Filters

Vibeheads has a great scope to be one of the popular Gif libraries. We have already started this and soon we will have hundreds of Quality, weird, funny, vibing gifs online.

Some quality and trendy filters will be live soon

See more

Artist collaborations

To create relationships in the NFT community, we will be collaborating with some of the best artists and collections.

These will be unique super rare 1/1 pieces, some of which will be auctioned and rewards will be airdropped to all Vibeheads holders.


Public & Exclusive Merch

Public Merch : We have plans to launch a proper NFT merch store around the word VIBE which all NFT friends can relate to. This will be a Ecom product and will have a dedicated team for this to keep operating.

Exclusive Merch : This merch is exclusive to Vibe Holders. We wanna focus on quality production and design. We will have no profit margin for this merch, so just the production cost and delivery cost will be there.

Note : Don't expect just normal merch, we gonna go crazy with the design. Merch operations will start post Sold-out.


Vibe DAO launched with 30ETH

A DAO that will contribute to growth of Vibe holders and Collection. Idea is to help Vibe Holders who want to work on some projects/products related to NFT's with the DAO fund, and it will be decided by Vibe holders

- DAO will be launched with 30ETH in funds.
- 1 Vibehead = 1 Vote.
- Vibeholder who follow some criteria can submit their proposals.
- Every future project by Vibeheads will add x% percentage of profits to DAO.
- DAO will be launched after Sold-out.

Note: There will be proper rules and regulations to run this DAO which will be revealed on DAO Launch.


4 Derivative Collections

4 Official Vibeheads Derivative collections will go public in the next couple of months.

- X% of these will be airdropped to Vibe holders who hold at least 2 Vibeheads.
- X% of profit will contribute to Vibe DAO.
- Collection plan will be revealed after Sold-out.


Official Music Video

We will be collaborating with an International Music Artist/Producer to release the dopest song in their MF life. All video production will be done by Vibeheads in a crazy 3D environment.

- We will feature multiple Vibeheads in the video.
- Also will introduce Vibeheads Merch in the video.


Vibeland in Metaverse

Vibeheads x Interality

Explore Vibeland inside Interality’s immersive 3D world

🕹 Multi Player
🔊 Spatial Audio Chat
🥽 Augmented Reality View


Early access to Onchain Social Network

Vibeheads x WALL

Wall is a portal into on chain social network. Follow wallet activity across assets, platforms and chains into one unified feed.

- Realtime NFT trading updates from wallets you follow.
- Content from web3 publication platforms.
- Activity in DAOs, Metaverse updates & more.


Vibeheads Virtual influencer

A Vibehead character comes to life and lives in Metaverse as a separate identity. Something we definitely wanna get our hands dirty in.

A small inhouse studio with GPU power, green room, motion tracking suite etc to do some crazzy shitt.



The most lit looking PFP and membership to a high vibe community

Exclusive rights to use your Vibeheads for personal and commercial projects

Exclusive access to airdrops, merch and a mint pass to all future collections by our team

Exclusive access to our Discord where we will be creating dedicated channels for investors and creators to share alpha.


With 16 Different traits and 465+ assets, it's possible to create 21290333319177396000+ of Vibeheads.

But we have Handcrafted 5,555 best combinations from these, taking proper care of rarity.


3850 Males & 1705 Females


110+ Different Hairstyles


90+ Different Clothes

Face Accessories

65+ Different Face Acc

Head Accessories

40+ Different Head Acc

Neck Accessories

25+ Different Neck Acc


30+ Different Piercing


18+ Different Eyes


35+ Different Tattoos


2 Different Wings

Each Vibehead is individually rendered in high quality with a professional studio setup. This makes us different from other PFP projects out there, as every Vibehead is a unique 1/1 high quality piece of art.


The Vibe Club

We are an open-minded community that respects and cherishes art. VIBE club is a place where people are allowed to be themselves, and where hate, racism, bullying, and other forms of discrimination have no place. We are here to enjoy the vibes, so don't be shy! Come have some fun with us.

The Stage is yours

We're here to share our love with the world. Feel free to share your art, movies, poetry, music, etc. We love to discover and discuss nfts, crypto, movies, poetry, music, etc.

Wanna have Fun?

Join our Discord community to take part in a range of community events, from livestream to series of fun events.


3. How can I get a Vibehead NFT?

You will need a Metamask Wallet holding Ethereum cryptocurrency to purchase a Vibeheads NFT. If you are an early bird, you'll be able to mint them on our website. If you lost the minting season (no hard feelings) you can snap one at Open Sea's official collection website.

This is how your PFP will look

Get something to showoff every two week or every month

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